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We are documentary photographers working mainly in Lancashire, Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales, although we have worked elsewhere in the UK, and internationally.

We use simple techniques to tell stories through images.

Charlie and James Wedding - 71 of 180

Our aim is to capture the moments that are the most meaningful to you and to tell the story of your ceremony in ways that you will want to re-visit again and again. Our experience tells us that the photographs people return to are the unscripted ones – moments of interaction – the laughter and tears, the quiet smiles, thoughtful reflections, and the proud encouragement and support from friends and family.

Emily - 1 (14)Our technique is to blend in to the event and to document from the ‘inside’, so we try to avoid scripted interactions, large group photographs and lots of time spent away from your guests.


However, we are also flexible and understand you will often want a variety of photographs – to tick all the boxes – and we will work with you to get the things you want, without getting in the way!


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