The Story of Your Wedding…

Documentary style Wedding photography is about capturing the story behind the event.

When we say we’re ‘documentary’ Wedding photographers, people presume this means something close to journalism, and they’re right, of course.

DSCF8120In essence it’s about telling your story, or perhaps more accurately the story of the day and all the people that are part of it. For the couple getting married, the day can appear to go past in a blur. So what could be better than being able to look behind the scenes of your own Wedding?

Charlie and James Wedding - 47 of 180To witness the interactions between friends and family, to experience the day like your guests did, whilst also having a record of the feelings and emotions that you experienced in those shared moments with your partner.

This is some of what we hope to capture. The smiles, laughter, engagement and simple happiness of your Wedding.


It means approaching your Wedding similar to the way a reporter would, concentrating on character and interaction and understanding what it is you want from the day and how you want it to be documented. We will discuss this with you both, provide some guidance in return and then try to get out of the way of the event itself. Wherever possible to disappear in to the background and to let things unfold.

CharlieandJames - 1 (8)

Many of our clients comment that they had forgotten we were there. This approach enables us to provide a comprehensive documentary account of the day, moments of quiet reflection, intimacy and fun that you will want to come back to again and again.

weddingsample5Documentary Wedding photography has come of age in the last few years and we use a tried and tested range of light weight cameras and equipment that means we can be mobile and move around simply in any space, from Churches to Hotels and from Castles to Cupboards!

Emily's Wedding Album - 121We provide two photographers on the day, as we’re a father and son team. That way we capture moments that would otherwise be lost, and we find this provides us with the most flexibility and the creative potential to meet your needs.

weddingsample1We have many happy clients and lots of testimonials regarding the care and attention we show for the families involved. If you would like to be put in contact with our previous clients, please do not hesitate to ask.

“I feel like everyone should book Chesters’ photography for so many reasons. Absolutely blown our expectations away.”


“The shots I’ve seen so far have been outstanding and exceeded all expectations. You guys are wonderful people & it was a pleasure to have you with us, thank you so much.”

weddingsample2So, if you would like your Wedding photographs to be a little different, to be more about you and your friends and family and less about large groups on lawns (much as lawns are very appealing), please get in touch via our contact page to discuss options and prices.